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Expertise and Quality

Danzer is a wood processing company focusing on the top-quality segment. We process high-quality logs into beautiful, fine veneer and decorative sawn timber. Wood species suitable for decorative uses are a scarce raw material and must be put to the best-possible use. Danzer experts appraise the quality of every log. Only high-quality logs verified legal sources are used in our production. Danzer uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to guarantee the best-possible utilization of this valuable raw material.

Business Unit Veneer

Danzer operates five veneer factories in Europe, North America and Africa, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of decorative veneer. Depending on the region they come from, only between 1 and 5 percent of all trees in a forest are suitable for being made into high-quality veneer. This product is used in a wide variety of sectors, such as the furniture and door industry, in automobile, boat and aircraft building, as well as interior decoration and shop fitting.

In the recent years, Danzer has laid the foundation for a more attractive offering and even closer partnership with customers. We offer customized, user-friendly preparation of veneer and close coordination between production and purchase operations. We have enhanced the quality of our products through the implementation of innovative manufacturing technology. Customers who process veneer benefit from this innovation through higher yields, which reduce the costs of the finished wood surfaces.

Business Unit Lumber

Lumber production is Danzer’s other important business division. Here too, the company concentrates on lumber as high-value material used for decorative purposes. Danzer is counted among the leading producers of hardwood lumber in North America. The company runs three sawmills, which are equipped with high-tech optimization and grading systems and ensure a consistent product. Our sawmills are located specifically in areas where high-value hardwoods are growing. This means we can offer products from the prime growing areas of the respective species.

Business Unit Timber

Only a very small percentage of the available logs meet Danzer’s highest-quality standards and are suitable for our veneer and lumber production. This is why Danzer also deals in timber products. Danzer’s trading activities involve high-quality hardwoods. The company carries all of the most important wood species available from tropical as well as temperate forests. With our extensive inventory, we can supply customers with practically any kind of hardwood they ask for. Danzer also buys and manages its own forests to secure a long-term supply of high-quality woods. Forest regeneration is key to ensuring a secure supply of quality trees for future production.

Our forest management is sustainable and value-oriented. We concentrate on those trees with the highest long-term quality potential. We perform extensive forest inventories of trees and animals, and build roads or bridges. Our projects are laid out for time periods of 20 to 40 years.

Business Unit Danzer Specialty Division Vinterio

Danzer’s wooden surface, Vinterio, combines the beauty and quality of genuine wood with new and unique appearances and offers an almost unlimited number of individual, exclusive surface designs. Vinterio is made completely from selected high-quality woods and brings out the beauty of natural wood in a brand-new way. At the same time, this wooden surface can be repeated with a similar look. With its own divisions in North America and Europe, Danzer keeps a close eye on the needs of its markets. Vinterio can always offer the right product to every customer. Modern production facilities in Darlington, Penn., in the United States, and in Melnik, the Czech Republic, manufacture Vinterio.

Business Unit Danzer Specialty Division 3D Veneers

Three dimensional (3D) veneer from Danzer’s subsidiary Danzer Deutschland opens new and unique opportunities in the processing of wooden surfaces. 3D veneer can be moulded three-dimensionality without cracking. This has not been possible previously due to technical constraints imposed by the material wood. 3D veneer mouldings are extremely stable to breakage or bending. The wood’s structure as well as the veneer’s texture are retained in the process.

3D veneer is produced by Danzer Deutschland in Kesselsdorf (near Dresden, Germany) on an industrial scale. More than 100 different products with 3D veneer have been introduced around the world in recent years - above all in the furniture industry for chairs and rounded furniture fronts as well as in the automotive industry for use in vehicle interiors.

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