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Final dissertation or thesis

Does your final dissertation deal with a topic of interest to Danzer? If so, we can assist you. Danzer will be happy to consider topics that you propose. You will be assigned a mentor from our company who will advise you when required. Mentors do more than just answer questions related to your topic. They also see to it that you are fully integrated into the company. We will also support you financially while you are working on your paper. Students seeking a career in the wood processing sector should contact us before beginning work on their dissertation.

There are mutual benefits to completing your final dissertation at Danzer. It gives us an opportunity to get to learn you. At the same time, we offer you first hand insight into how our company operates. All doors will be open to you while you are working on your dissertation. And if we can offer you a job, the successful completion of your studies could also mark the beginning of a successful career at Danzer.

Contact for North America

Danzer Veneer Americas

Contact for other regions

Danzer Services Schweiz AG

Human Resources
Gabriela Ferrari
Schutzengelstr. 36
6340 Baar / Switzerland
Phone +41-41-7 67 03 23
Fax +41-41-7 67 03 01
Gabriela.Ferrari @danzer .com


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