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Greenpeace continues to make groundless allegations against Danzer

Read this press release as PDF-File (96 KB)

Statement of Danzer responding to the Greenpeace Report “Carving up the Congo”, April, 2007 

Response as PDF (134 KB); April, 2007

Forest Fact File

Forest Fact File as PDF-File (149 KB)

Forest Crime File Greenpeace

2nd Edition updated

In keeping with our aim to ensure comprehensive transpareny Danzer's Forest Fact File make detailed statements on each criticism leveled by Greenpeace.

Sustainable Forest Management

This document as PDF-File (14 KB)

Towards Sustainable Forest Management of Tropical Forests
in West and Central Africa by Prof. Dr. Franz Schmithüsen, Department of Forest Sciences; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich

3D-Veneers information

References 3D-Veneers

Advantages of using 3D-Veneers

Product information

Recommendation for lacquering of products made of 3D-Veneers


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