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Ten good reasons to choose veneer

1. Veneer is genuine wood

Veneer is not and can never be an imitation of wood.

2. Veneer is ecological

Dedicated forest harvesting creates new habitat for new trees. When young trees grow they release large amounts of oxygen (O2) and absorb and conserve toxic carbon dioxide (CO2), whereas older trees release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. Continuous fellings and reforestation create the balance and thus have a positive impact on the greenhouse effect.

3. Veneer is economical

Veneer is the most economic way to use the valuable resource timber. The surface of 16 bedroom cabinets can be produced by the veneers of 1 cubic meter of wood. Later on this wooden furniture can be easily recycled and used for chipboards.

4. Veneer enable durability

Furniture made of solid wood are not as stable and durable as veneered furniture. Because wood has a tendency to "work", it splits or warps. Furniture made of veneered MDF-boards and plywood guarantee more stability and durability. In addition, they are easier to set up and to dismantle.

5. Veneer is variety

More than 200 species worldwide can be used to produce veneer. Different production and splicing techniques reveal the flowery or striped veneer texture. Veneers enhance the beauty and infinite richness of natural wood.

6. Veneer is unique

Like any tree, any piece of veneer is unique and absolutely individual.

7. Veneer is versatile

Veneer offers unlimited design possibilities and can be combined with many other materials like glass, material, steel or other wood species.

8. Veneer is precious

Veneer gives simple things of every day life a valuable and individual character.

9. Veneer is expressive

Veneer creates atmosphere. Any veneered object, furniture or interior decoration reflects the owner’s style and taste from functional to extravagant.

10. Veneer offers comfort of living

Veneer is real wood. All human senses feel it. The warmth of wooden surfaces creates feeling of wellness. The positive effects of wood on room climate are measurable. Veneered objects and furniture can easily be recycled and may be thermally utilized.

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Veneer is genuine wood

Did you know...

... that no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?

... that only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?

... that ten percent of today´s forest areas would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber sustainably (including paper production)?


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