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Forest Management

Danzer’s goal is to ensure responsible, sustainable forest management. In detail this means detail to protect large-scale forest ecosystems and to use them in such a manner that they can fulfill important social, economic and cultural needs of people a permanent basis. Specific goals are to preserve the bio-diversity of fauna and flora, to increase the productivity of forest stands, and to maintain the vitality of forests.

African Literacy Program

Langouani, Idjouki, Pangoani, three words in three Pygmee dialects ‘Mikaya’, ‘Bangombe’, ‘Mbendjele’ of northen Congo Brazzaville that means “Wake up”. This is the name of the first school for semi-nomadic people in the Ngombé forest area of Congo Brazzaville’s department of the Sangha.

The “Center for the Education of Indigenous Peoples” (CEPA) officially opened the doors of this new school on November 16th 2009 to approximately 100 children between 6 and 14 years old who had never attended a class before.

The school’s literacy program is adapted to the needs of the Pygmée children and prepares them for a regular school program. The specific school was necessary to take into account their semi-nomadic lifestyle linked to the seasonal supply of fish, edible caterpillars, mushrooms,…

Danzer’ subsidiary IFO (Industrie Forestière de Ouesso) initiated and paid for the project, with technical support from AGIRabcd and a contribution from UNICEF. AGIRabcd is a French nongovernmental organization that uses the skills of retired French professionals who volunteer for development projects (

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AGIRabcd  « Éthiques & Sociétés 15, N°4 – Déc. 2009 », PDF

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