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Executive Board of Danzer AG

Hans-Joachim Danzer (CEO)

Born: 1970 in Reutlingen (Germany)
Nationality: German
Background: MBA (Lic. oec. HSG)

Chief Executive Officer Danzer, since 1999 at Danzer

Markus Pfister (CFO)

Born: 1960 in Luzern (Switzerland)
Nationality: Swiss
Background: Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Applied Science Bern

Chief Financial Officer Danzer, since 2008 at Danzer

Olof von Gagern

Born: 1951 in Düren (Germany)
Nationality: German
Background: MBA

Chief Executive Officer Veneer Europe, since 1996 at Danzer

Ulrich Grauert

Born: 1965 in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Nationality: German
Background: married, five children, Bachelor of Economics and Politics

Chief Operations Officer Lumber Africa, since 1993 at Danzer

Greg Lottes

Born: 1961 in Highland Park, Michigan (USA)
Nationality: American
Background : BS in Forestry, MS (Economics and Finance concentration)

President and Chief Executive Officer of Danzer Veneer Americas,
since 1997 at Danzer

Eckart Schmitt

Born: 1965 in Trier (Germany)
Nationality: German
Background: MBA, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer Danzer Specialty Division, since 2009 at Danzer

Dan Sullivan

Born: 1962 in Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
Nationality: American
Background : B.S. Business University of Pittsburgh, M.S. Taxation Robert Morris University

Chief Financial Officer of Danzer North Americas, Inc. and President of Danzer Services, Inc.
since 2010 at Danzer


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