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A solid ground for your career

Are you looking for the right moment to join Danzer? If so, the company offers candidates an opportunity to work in the wood processing industry. Students can learn more about our company and industry during the course of their studies either as interns or in conjunction with their diploma or masters thesis. It’s an ideal way to launch a career at Danzer. The earlier you contact us, the better. Many students and college graduates have found their dream careers at our company.

Job candidates seeking a long-term relationship with Danzer should have good grades, excellent foreign language knowledge – English is a must – and have worked abroad. You must definitely feel comfortable working in an international environment. Applicants should also be flexible, willing to relocate to another country, have good communication skills and – above all – be a team player. If wood as a decorative material fascinates you, Danzer offers more opportunities to work with this natural raw material than any other company. These opportunities range from wood procurement and processing to the sale of veneer and lumber to all activities related to wood products. Danzer’s reach is global in all of its activities.

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