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Danzer Press Releases


Danzer takes part in UNO Year of Forests “Forest is life“ by Hans Erni at Lifefair/Zürich

The United Nations (UNO) declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests reflecting the global importance of forests to people and the environment. With this in mind, the renowned Swiss painter Hans Erin has created a poster...


S T A T E M E N T: Danzer rejects incorrect and misleading information published by Global Witness

With regret Danzer has identified that the recently published Global Witness report “Pandering to the Loggers” contains some incorrect information and misleading statements which have been taken out of context. Instead,...


Danzer sells its Argentinean forests to Grupo INSUD

Baar (Switzerland)/Buenos-Aires (Argentina) July 2011 – Grupo INSUD, a group of locally-owned Argentine companies committed to long-term projects, will take over Danzer Forestation, a Danzer subsidiary, in the region of Posadas...


Siforco Statement about the conflict of Yalisika

We strongly denounce the violence following the events that occurred in Yalisika located just outside the border of the SIFORCO concession. We express our compassion for the victims and their families.


The German company Furnierwerk Winsen filed insolvency

The German company Furnierwerk Winsen filed insolvency at the end of last week. This custom cutting plant is a subsidiary of Holbe AG, Switzerland and is not affiliated with the Danzer. Holbe AG and the Danzer represent...


Danzer acquires 3D veneer supplier Reholz GmbH

Danzer acquires 3D veneer supplier Reholz GmbH

Baar (Switzerland), November 2008 – Danzer, the world’s largest producer of hardwood veneers, has acquired Reholz GmbH, located in Kesselsdorf, near Dresden, Germany. The company...


Virtual Veneer Warehouse now online

Choosing veneer quickly and efficiently

Baar (Switzerland), September 2008 – Danzer is expanding its customer service with a new Virtual Veneer Warehouse that simplifies purchase of veneer. Customers browsing...


COPLAC and INTERHOLCO join forces

Erembodegem-Aalst, July 2008. With an eye towards the future, Coplac, the Belgium-based supplier of logs and lumber, will be making even better use of the resources of parent company Danzer in the future. Coplac is forming a...


Greenpeace continues to make groundless allegations against Danzer

Allegations of tax evasion is a populist gimmick Danzer pays taxes regularly Danzer invests 3 million euros annually in social programs in the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Read this press...


Natural material with enhanced qualities – Danzer launches new Vinterio wooden surface

Baar/Cologne, May 2007 – Danzer’s newest product, Vinterio, is the first product on the global market to combine the qualities of real wooden surfaces and the properties of foil-type surfaces. This opens up a whole new world of...

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