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Danzer specializes in producing veneer and sawn timber for decorative purposes. In addition, the company is involved in the timber trade and in forest management. Our main focus is the adherence to highest quality standards.

Wood surface used in wide variety of areas

Danzer specializes in surface wood - the highest value use of this fascinating, natural and exciting raw material. When wood is used for its aesthetical qualities for the enhancement of homes, offices and public places, we want to be the best supplier for the pre-finished product. The wood products we supply are intended for the surfaces of furniture, windows, doors, ...

Beauty and multitude of uses of veneer

Wood has always been a companion of mankind. There is no other material on this planet that offers the same mix of aesthetical, physical and structural properties while being renewable and biodegradable. Of the multitude of uses for this precious raw material, the production of sliced veneer is the way of choice to show the natural, unique beauty of this precious gift of nature. 

Lumber for decorative purposes

The second major product line of Danzer is lumber from high quality hardwood species. Again, we focus on lumber that is being used for decorative purposes. Our range of products includes dimension lumber and furniture components of solid wood.

Trade in Timber and Ensuring Resources

Only a small portion of the logs meet the high qualitative demands first-class wood surfaces must fulfill. A mere three percent are suitable for veneer production, and roughly twenty percent for lumber production. Danzer trades the remaining logs as timber in a wide selection of types and qualities. In addition, our work in the area of sustainable forest management – such as purchasing forests of our own in North America – is ensuring resources for decades to come.

Strive for quality

The common objective of all Danzer companies is to supply wood manufactured to the highest quality standards, which we try to improve constantly. Our deep commitment to the value of the raw material drives us to strive for quality. The rareness of highest quality wood dictates the need to maximize the yield in manufacturing. We ensure this by using the most modern technology and by adhering to the highest standards of quality in all processing stages. 

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Did you know...

... that no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?

... that only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?

... that ten percent of today´s forest areas would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber sustainably (including paper production)?


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