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Danzer guarantess customers the top level product quality for optimal utilization of lumber.

Constant product quality

We have the most modern manufacturing technology available and the technical expertise to consistently produce a fine quality product. For example, at our Bradford facility the complete lumber manufacturing process is contained under one roof in order to protect and enhance the natural color of the species we saw and dry. Today total annual sawmill capacity in North America is 65 million board feet (150,000 cubic meters) and over 45 million board feet (105,000 cubic meters) of annual kiln drying output as well.

Maximum utilization

All sawn lumber is produced on modern high-strain bandmills, including the use of computerized scanning and optimization software sawing solutions at both the primary breakdown and edging machine centers in order to maximize utilization of resource. Our commitment to you is a consistent, high quality product, efficiently and carefully produced from an abundantly available renewable resource, managed sustainably.

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Did you know...

... that no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?

... that only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?

... that ten percent of today´s forest areas would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber sustainably (including paper production)?


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