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About us

Danzer comprises wood processing companies specialized in the manufacture of decorative real wooden surfaces and sawn timber from high-quality hardwoods. The name Danzer stands for quality and reliability. All of the company’s activities are designed to satisfy our customers’ needs. However, the concerns of Danzer’s employees, the environment and society play an important role for us as a responsible company.

Business around the world

Danzer has operations in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. The Company maintains its own forests and extensive forest concessions, operates five veneer factories and three sawmills as well as its own production facilities to manufacture the product lines Vinterio and Danzer Deutschland (3D veneer). These facilities mainly process regionally harvested hardwood timber to produce high-quality products.
Danzer’s 21 sales outlets worldwide thoroughly take care of customer needs. The company employs a workforce of some 3,000 employees. Danzer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hardwood veneers and lumber.

Danzer veneer is used as a decorative wooden surface in a wide variety of applications. The product serves the furniture, door, panel, automotive, boat and aircraft industries, and is used for interior decoration. Danzer lumber is used primarily to create natural and exclusive designs for interiors and furniture.

Danzer’s innovations

Danzer is constantly working on new technologies and manufacturing methods to enhance the quality of its products and customer services. Many of these innovations, which include using more efficient machinery and improved processes, have become industry standards in the wood-processing sector.

Danzer also introduces innovative new products to the industry. Our genuine wooden surface Vinterio, creates new looks and exclusive designs while it is easy to use at the same time.
3D veneer from Danzer’s subsidiary Danzer Deutschland is another example for innovative wooden surfaces. Danzer Deutschland has developed an internationally unique, patented process for moulding veneer three-dimensionally without cracking.
Vinterio’s wide-ranging decorative properties, in combination with Danzer Deutschland’s 3D technology, open up a great variety of new application and design options for wooden surfaces.

Principles of Sustainability

All of Danzer’s business activities are built upon the principles of sustainability. The company operates very strict timber procurement and sourcing rules. It is firmly committed to purchasing wood exclusively from legally operated sources.
Moreover, Danzer’s goal is to ensure responsible, sustainable forest management. The company has developed and implemented comprehensive measures and standards, all of which are audited regularly and certified by independent parties.

Social responsibility

As a family business Danzer consequently follows social principles. For years, our work in Africa has involved large investments, which have made significant contributions to local industrial and social development. Danzer is one of the most important foreign investors in the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are helping to create a competitive domestic timber industry in these countries through a wide range of measures. These initiatives are providing many people with a solid basis for their livelihood.
Foundations created by the Danzer family also support Group employees and their families who have fallen into need through no fault of their own. They also support charitable organizations in countries where Danzer does business. In addition, the Foundations offer occupational training programs for young people.

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