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A wide range of superior quality hardwood species – Danzer is the qualified supplier for lumber.

Different species of wood

For more than fifty years, Danzer has been a reliable supplier and partner to wood processing companies all over the world when it comes to purchasing first-class hardwood from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. More than 60,000 cubic meters of more than thirty different species of wood are at the disposal of our customers in our European and American lumber yards for further processing in the furniture industry, stair construction or interior fittings.

Focusing on Customers' Needs

Since we have our own sawmills, drying kilns and enclosed warehoiuse facilities, Danzer can give you outstanding quality lumber you can process immediately. One of our particular strengths is the wide variety of different dimensions our American hardwood comes in. Apart from the usual dimensions, our range also includes a large number of special thicknesses. For those interested in prefabricated steps or furniture components, we recommend our solid beech, oak, hard maple and black cherry panels. All types of wood are available with a finger-jointed look and in customized dimensions. Our "Dimensions" product category enables us to meet the needs not only of large-quantity purchasers in the interior finishing and furniture industries, but also of those needing only small quantities of special goods, as for musical instruments.

Only the best wood for our customers

The Danzer companies Bradford Forest and Bradford Dimension (U.S.A.), Interforest Lumber Corp. (U.S.A.), Interforest Lumber Inc. (Canada), Coplac (Belgium), Interholco (Switzerland), Fanérimporten (Sweden) and Danzer UK have an all-encompassing assortment of lumber from Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. In order to be able to deliver at any time the species of wood, qualities and specifications our customers want, we are at work all over the world to find the very best wood for you.

The best wood for our customers

Our lumber production operations in Bradford, Tioga, and Shade Gap, Pennsylvania; Boucherville, Quebec, Canada; and Coplac in Belgium have specialized in the supply of high quality sawn lumber and have a worldwide reputation for consistent high quality and reliable supply. We are committed to satisfying even the most critical requirements of our customers with continuous satisfaction.

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Did you know...

... that no forest is destroyed to harvest wood used for decorative purposes?

... that only a few trees have the properties necessary for their wood to be used for decorative purposes?

... that ten percent of today´s forest areas would be enough to meet the worldwide demand for timber sustainably (including paper production)?


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