sales literature eight cuts

Eight Cuts

Danzer experts ensure that each log is cut the best way, depending on the desired look.

sales literature salzburg

Showroom Salzburg

Our extraordinary wide selection, a meeting point for designers and architects.

sales literature full transparency folder

Full Transparency - Danzer's EPD

The Danzer Environmental Product Declaration - a report about the environmental impact.

sales literature thick cut veneers

Thick cut veneers

Consistent and resource-efficient: high-quality veneers at a much higher thickness than possible in the past.

Flooring lamellas

The cutting edge

Danzer is the preferred source for sliced wear layers for engineered hardwood flooring.

sales literature rough cut

Rough Cut

A veneer surface as rustic as raw, freshly sawn lumber.

sales literature vintage style

Danzer Vintage Style

Vintage wood in industrial dimensions and quantities - with a natural accellerated aging process.

sales literature reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood for a natural and authentic old wooden structure.

sales literature freeform


Industrially produced veneer with almost any organically  shaped  inlay.

sales literature vinterio stratus

Vinterio Stratus

A repeatable fresh look with predictable economics.

sales literature vinterio rustic

Vinterio rustic

Following the recent trend towards rustic looks.

sales literature vinterio nimbus

Vinterio Nimbus

The combination of different species creates distinctive patterns.

sales literature linea


Made from the real species, an unobtrusive rift-cut look at predictable economics.

sales literature 3d veneer basic

3D-Veneer basic

The basic version of the proven material: cost effective and strong.

sales literature 3dveneers


Wood veneer in a new form - products that stand out.

sales literature custom solutions

Custom Solutions

Fullfilling extravagant customer request is our daily business.

sales literature amber beech

Amber Beech

Beech in a golden brownish tone - in a new all natural process.

sales literature eames

Eames Chair

A 63-year-old dream came true: the classic shell chair made out of wood.

sales literature eames

Danzer Shop Solutions

Wood from Danzer for unlimited design possibilities for shop solutions.