3D-Veneer for more comfort

3D-Veneer for more comfort

Whenever we at Danzer Specialty division in Kesselsdorf implement products together with our customers, it often attracts attention. That is because they usually are exceptionally beautiful and technically complex. What makes us even happier is when products like these win design awards. I want to present to you two products that have gained international renown - two chairs that combine outstanding design with first-class material from Danzer.

PI Collection Chair – unexpected success
The architects Fokkema & Partners were unable to find a suitable chair for a building project they were working on, so they decided to simply design one for themselves - even if they are not furniture designers. The result is the “PI Collection Chair”, which was originally planned to be a limited edition of 3,000 pieces but turned out to be so convincing that it is now part of the Piiroinen standard range.

Usually, to complete such a project with success, a lot of technical know-how and extensive support of our engineers is required – which we happily provide to our customers. However, things can be done differently: Piiroinen has managed to master the competencies to produce the chair in serial production in no time. That means that Danzer 3D-Veneer is actually not that difficult to handle – and when the finished product receives a Red Dot Award in the category “Product Design 2017”, we are all the more pleased!

You can admire the entire chair collection here: https://www.piiroinen.com/collections/chairs-and-tables/pi-collection

Pi Collection forest


Rodeo Chair - the better solution
We also particularly like the "Rodeo Chair", which was developed by the physiotherapist Frode Skretting and is designed to strengthen the back muscles. According to recent studies, more and more people spend about 70% of their day sitting - aiming to make this as healthy as possible, the Rodeo Chair was created. It demands balance and movement from the body similar to an exercise ball, but thanks to our 3D-Veneer in a more elegant and hygienic way. A lot of know-how by the project team was required, but the result excites the designer and medical community alike. That is one of the reasons why the Rodeo Chair has won a design award: the "Award for Design Excellence".

For more information visit http://www.rodeochair.no, or watch a nice product video (with English subtitles) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6MdmWti89Q

Rodeo Chair

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Managing Director Danzer Deutschland

Jörg Förster is the most enthusiastic ambassador for Danzer 3D-Veneer who presents its benefits and other Danzer Specialty Division products to customers worldwide and helps them implement their projects. 3D-Veneer, a material with unprecedented 3D deformation properties, reflects Förster's basic attitude that “a lot more can be done with our wonderful and sustainable raw material wood”. After his apprenticeship in wood technology, Jörg Förster studied wood and fiber material technology in Dresden, where he founded a company and managed it for many years. Today he lives there with his wife and two children.