A fitting new Website for Danzer

A fitting new Website for Danzer

I am proud to announce that our new, improved website went live today. Our online presence now more accurately represents who Danzer is and what we stand for, reflecting our transformation in response to significant industry changes over the past decade.

Since our previous website was launched, the decorative hardwood veneer industry in North America and Europe shrunk by almost 75%. Danzer responded by streamlining its operations, creating new products and services to meet demand, and tailoring more and more offerings to individual customers to create more value.

One of the last pieces missing was—until today— the overhaul of our external representation. The new danzer.com website continues to provide a wealth of information on Danzer’s activities; it also explains our product and service offerings to our customers and the possibilities for suppliers to work with us. Part of the new website is this blog. Here, I and other Danzer people will share new developments from inside the company and noteworthy facts on hardwood and the industry.

I’d like to take this time to congratulate the team that has created the new website; specifically I thank our project leader Eva Maria Dröscher, our advertising agency “BAP” here in Dornbirn, Austria and the web agency "absoluteDYNAMICS" in Bregenz, Austria.
Using our newly laid foundation, we will update the website in order to continue to add value. Stay tuned!

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About the Author

Hans-Joachim Danzer

CEO of Danzer Holding AG

Hans-Joachim Danzer grew up in and around the family hardwood business. He is enthusiastic about the many positive contributions and possibilities of wood. He believes in the power of thinking and looks for solutions that challenge and significantly improve the status quo. If he hadn't joined the Danzer company, most likely he would have become a scientist (physics). He lives with his wife and three kids in the European Alps.