Open house day at Danzer Bohemia in Czech Republic.

Open house day at Danzer Bohemia in Czech Republic.

Danzer Bohemia: “Open house day” on September 23, 2017.

The Danzer Bohemia “Open house day” took place on Saturday, September 23rd in Mělník (Czech Republic). For the first time in our history visitors could enjoy guided tours through the whole production plant which was running specifically for them.

The doors of our company were open not only to our employees but also to their families and friends. The immediate feedback from our visitors was very positive - many of them were deeply impressed by the Danzer production equipment. “We can see the facility from the main road every day, but now we got a chance to see it from inside”, they explained. And one of the visitors said: “We had a wonderful time and experience getting to know the interesting production process,”

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Our guests enjoyed the free catering outside the building that was provided by a local restaurant. Kids and their parents alike appreciated the activities we prepared for them: An inflatable castle, competitions and a creative workshop where kids could use their creativity to craft with veneer. Some even created an “alternative” Danzer logo. And they all had fun with helium balloons, especially the little ones.

The photographer took a lot of pictures of families enjoying their time together at the place they usually work. Close to 300 visitors took the chance to see our production facilities on the guided tours on this day, over 40 kids participated in different games and competitions we prepared for them.

We would like to thank all of our employees who participated in the preparation and organization of this day. A special thank you goes to the workers in production who were conducting their daily work to make it easier for the visitors to understand our production process, starting at the log yard and ending with the sale of veneer, flooring deck layers and other Danzer hardwood products.

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Radim Vráblík

Managing Director Danzer Bohemia-Dýhárna

Radim Vráblík started his career at Danzer in 1996 in Canada, after participating in a Danzer fellowship program. He was one of the key figures for starting Danzer activities in the Czech Republic, where he acts today as managing director of Danzer Bohemia-Dýhárna. He likes long distance running and believes in long-term customer relationships and continuous improvement: „There are no easy partners in our business today, but the more difficult the start of the relationship is, the better the result“. He lives with his wife and three kids in Prague.