Danzer engineers show their athletic side

Danzer engineers show their athletic side

Danzer employees can be motivated runners - we have described this before. The engineers and students of our engineering team in Kesselsdorf, Germany, have now also proven their motivation and their energy during a running event.

On May 23, 2018, thirteen Danzer employees from Kesselsdorf attended the 10th REWE Team Challenge in Dresden, the largest business run in the region. Among them were engineers from the Danzer Engineering Team as well as wood technology students who are currently completing their internship at Danzer.

A total of 20,000 runners wove 5 km through the city of Dresden. Accompanied by drummers, cheerleaders, music and numerous spectators, it went through the historic old town of Dresden to the football club’s stadium. Since a disposal of a bomb from the Second World War was carried out at the same time, traffic throughout the city of Dresden basically came to a total halt.



The weather really felt like summer with 24 degrees, however, for running it could have been 10 degrees less. Fortunately, at kilometer 4, there was a cold shower for all runners that let us finish the race at least a little bit refreshed. At the finish line we were greeted by music and a medal. The evening was rounded off with plenty of food, drinks and fireworks in the stadium.



The run definitely marks a highlight of the Danzer sports activities. Some employees meet regularly in or around Dresden to do sports together - including hiking, climbing and bouldering. Next year we want to repeat our success in the business run and compete in an even larger team.

Pietro Brussich at the climbing wall

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About the Author

Jakob Sporbert

Project Manager Danzer Engineering

Jakob Sporbert is a trained carpenter and studied wood engineering in Dresden. He started at Danzer in Kesselsdorf as working student and has been a project engineer in the Danzer engineering team since 2015. He is responsible for analyzing, planning and implementing technical projects such as the automated flooring line at Danzer France where he focused on robots in veneer processing. In his free time he enjoys climbing, hiking or jogging and spending time outdoors. In addition, he volunteers at the German Red Cross in Civil Protection as a paramedic and team leader.