Danzer Specialty Division @ GlobalShop

Danzer Specialty Division @ GlobalShop

This was Danzer’s second year exhibiting at GlobalShop, the nation’s largest retail industry trade show for store design, visual merchandising and retail technology in Chigago, IL.

We were positively surprised at how well our booth and content was received by attendees!

In order to look beyond our core product offering we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the kinds of materials and services that retailers and consumers are looking and paying for. At the same time Danzer is using this opportunity to build trust, influence and educate potential new customers. After all, we know what it means to have wood!

Our Danzer team selected, designed and created a booth based on a targeted retail relevant story of “Across Surfaces” using visuals, narratives and products all tapping into the trend towards ‘natural interiors’.

The booth content was supported by recent market research results as well as current trends noted within the design community which include Biophilic design and the impact of natural materials on perceived brand and product value.

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The team welcomed feedback on the need for warm and inviting retail environments as they undoubtedly have a significant impact on the psychology of retail spending.

The psychology behind the purchase of any product includes a retailer providing a customer with comfort and affirmation. Research shows that material matters and that product value is directly enhanced by the context it is shown within. The introduction of natural wood in retail environments increases product desirability and its perceived value.

Retailers and fixture manufacturers who met with us during the show happily echoed the importance of these trends and influences.

Not only did we encounter retailers who expressed interest in wood as a preferred material, but we also engaged in direct discussions with retail chains who clearly indicated a conscious decision to shift their store environment materials from synthetics to wood and other natural materials in order to build a more personal experience for the consumers.

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Authenticity and sustainability continue to be important considerations for consumers. However, consumers have become unsure as to what is real, so retailers and brands need to double down on new strategies that communicate trust through the use of natural, sustainable organic materials such as wood.

The change to wood and organic materials is the most viable option to improve the performance out of the retail space.

Fixtures have to mirror the value statement a brand wishes to make and store designers are clearly discovering solutions and ideas as to how to provide the best in-store program, solid design and branding as well as creating impulse buys through effective displays, engaging in-store signage and brand messaging.

Danzer promoted the “Across Surfaces” story by referencing 2- and 3-D projects and exhibits from wall to table to case goods and accessories, while also offering the opportunity to easily extend with Freeform for unique branding and smart wood applications.

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About the Author

Birgitta Kocher

Product Manager Danzer Specialty Division

Birgitta Kocher joined the Danzer Specialty Division in January 2019 in the role of Product Manager. She brings with her over two decades of project and product management leadership experience working for many companies within the retail market space including Puma, Gap and Diesel amongst others. As a multi-linguist, Birgitta interacts seamlessly with various departments and teams. Birgitta comes from at least 3 generations of forest workers and as carpenter daughter has grown up with saw dust in her blood. She lives at the shores of Lake Constance.