Natural Elements Provide a Soothing Environment

Natural Elements Provide a Soothing Environment

Last month, the new Fetal Care Special Delivery Unit at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital just opened its doors to families of newborn babies with special medical needs.

As any parent can attest, we often find ourselves thinking about the myriad of uncertainties and the fragile nature of life itself as our babies come into the world. Having access to this renowned family-centric medical facility undoubtedly provides a high level of comfort to these new parents as well as their children.

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I have been fortunate to work on many design projects that have been both challenging and rewarding, but I must confess that projects such as this strike a sentimental chord for me. When the customer’s sole purpose is helping families and children in need, the project takes on an undeniable significance.

Through working with Liz Loxterkamp, NCIDQ, Associate IIDA Interior Designer of NBBJ Architects on this project, I was able to gain insight into the important considerations that she and her client had, when reviewing options for this interior environment. Liz summed up the design intent for this project as follows:
"Knowing the intense situations this unit will support, our design team focused on creating a space that provided a calm, comforting environment. Pulling inspiration from Florida’s lush vegetation and the relaxing, whimsical atmosphere of a spa, the team created a design that features moments of hospitality in the wall features, lighting elements, and personal touches within the patient rooms themselves."

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Liz and her design team used Danzer Linea Sliver Birch veneer in numerous locations throughout this care center in heavy use spaces including; the headwalls and footwalls of 10 patient rooms, doors, ceiling, wall surfaces, and banquette niches in the waiting rooms, as well as nourishment areas.

Liz remarked that "Throughout the design, wood was used as a point of emphasis that created a residential yet familiar feel, and the Danzer Linea Silver Birch veneer, provided the smooth, warm non-intrusive aesthetic the design needed. By using Linea Silver Birch as a feature within the waiting room, as the entry portal to each patient room, and as an accent frame within each patient headwall and footwall, wood became the key element to completing this picture." We agree, wood is a great key element for Biophilic design.

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Every customer has an infinite number of product choices and I am grateful that Danzer Linea veneer was able to help NBBJ and their client achieve the calming final result they were looking for.

I tip my cap to the many cutting-edge medical facilities, like Nicklaus Children’s Hospital who dedicate themselves to helping our children. Well done Fetal Care Center...well done.

About Danzer Linea Veneer
Linea is an engineered true-species veneer produced from sustainably sourced wood procured throughout the world. It is available in six different species and is produced in specific sheet sizes to offer predictable economics and reduced labor, while also reducing waste.

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