Of invaluable experiences and great colleagues

Of invaluable experiences and great colleagues

To be honest, previous to my time at Danzer I had never been particularly interested in wood. I could barely differentiate Walnut from Maple, let alone real veneer from fake one and I had no idea what the difference between hardwood and softwood was.

You may ask yourself why on earth I chose to do an internship at Danzer.

Well, what I saw in Danzer was an opportunity to gain insight into how Marketing in an internationally operating company works right from the core of its headquarters. Let me tell you, it turned out to be way more than that!

After spending six months as a Corporate Marketing intern at the office in Dornbirn, I can (proudly) say that my perception of wood has completely changed. I now know the eight cutting techniques by heart, the different steps in veneer production and just how versatile and beautiful wood can be.

Being an intern at Danzer does not mean making countless cups of coffee (just the ones you drink yourself) and spending hours on end next to the copy machine. It means being able to gain invaluable hands-on experience and getting involved in lots of exciting projects. From day one, the Marketing team took me on all different kinds of meetings – from PR agencies to photographers to spontaneous trips to the book binder – I got to see it all.

A lot of my time (and patience) was spent on the media database trying to figure out how to tag thousands of photos and strategically organize them into folders. Whenever I wasn’t looking at pictures, I was allowed to do a wide array of tasks like translating press releases and blog entries, writing content myself, updating the Danzer locations on Google and supporting the team with any ongoing projects. There was always something to do and I never got bored.

Those past six months flew by and my time here at Danzer is coming to an end. I will miss coming to the office every day, the amazing working atmosphere and afternoon-coffee breaks with my colleagues. A huge thank you to everyone who made my journey with Danzer an unforgettable one - especially the Marketing team! I had a blast, and who knows – maybe we’ll meet again.

PS: The picture above shows us at a team excursion on the Karren hill in Dornbirn.


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About the Author

Christina Jagg

Marketing Trainee in Dornbirn, Austria

Christina Jagg is currently doing an internship for her Business & Management studies at Danzer in Dornbirn. She helps with the maintenance of the media database and supports the Marketing Team wherever possible. She loves the mountains as much as she loves big cities and enjoys exploring places by going on long walks. In her free time, she can either be found playing the piano and writing songs or in the stands supporting her favorite sports teams. She studies in Vienna but decided to come back to her home town for the internship.