One click to a new job

One click to a new job

Everyone is talking about Employer Branding these days. We at Danzer want to present our great qualities as an employer in the best light as well – for example with our recently launched Czech website danzer.cz. On this website, we post job offers and highlight the particularly for applicants relevant working conditions.

As Danzer is growing continuously, we are currently looking for new employees. We want to attract new colleagues - motivated skilled workers, university graduates and students - who value a friendly atmosphere and great benefits as much as we do.

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About 550 people work in Mělník in the largest and most advanced veneer plant in Europe – and that is something we are very proud of. Besides the first-class technical equipment, with our proprietary Danzer VS4000 veneer slicers and high-quality drying kilns, the above-average working conditions and outstanding benefits in both Mělník and Raspenava, with its around 70 employees, make us one of the most popular employers in both Czech regions.

Danzer Melnik
The veneer plant in Mělník is the most modern in Europe.

We invite potential applicants to see for themselves. Contact us – we would be pleased to present us and our plants personally. All current job listings can be found here: http://danzer.cz/cz/kariera/zamestnani

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About the Author

Radim Vráblík

Managing Director Danzer Bohemia-Dýhárna

Radim Vráblík started his career at Danzer in 1996 in Canada, after participating in a Danzer fellowship program. He was one of the key figures for starting Danzer activities in the Czech Republic, where he acts today as managing director of Danzer Bohemia-Dýhárna. He likes long distance running and believes in long-term customer relationships and continuous improvement: „There are no easy partners in our business today, but the more difficult the start of the relationship is, the better the result“. He lives with his wife and three kids in Prague.