Danzer at the Business Run in Bregenz

Danzer at the Business Run in Bregenz

Ready, Set, Go!

When was the last time you went for a run? Chasing the bus for a few meters when you’re a bit too late doesn’t count. Some may need to think back a couple of years while others lace up their running shoes daily. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: Running is good for you. And even if some people are not going to believe me, running can actually be a whole lot of fun!

Business Run: 5 km by the waterfront
Part of the Danzer Holding AG Dornbirn Team experienced just that on September 22nd, a beautiful and sunny Friday, when we participated in the Business Run in Bregenz, Austria. Our team of ten employees, ranging from Intern to Group Advisory Board Member, was named “Hardwood Specialists”. The running distance measured five kilometers in total, stretching alongside the beautiful waterfront of Lake Constance and the lake stage of Bregenz Festival.

BusinessRun Bregenz
The running course led along Lake Constance and the “Bregenz Festival” extravagant stage.


Just as beautiful as the view was our team wear, which consisted of running shirts that were specifically designed for the occasion and Danzer-Baseball caps. Even our fans, including Hans-Joachim Danzer and Markus Pfister, were wearing matching Baseball caps. Motivated by those fans cheering loudly from the side lines, we started into the Business Run at full power. We were all running extremely fast, making it almost impossible for our photographer to take photos of us during the run – hence the blurriness of the pictures. ;-)

BusinessRun GG

Youngest participant of the day
One thing that particularly stood out to me was that the youngest runner of the approximately 1,600 participants was part of our team – Isabelle Claire Danzer reached the finish line after 33 minutes. She showed no signs of exhaustion, unlike me and some others who stood in the finish area red-faced and out of breath.

Eventually we regained our breath, swapped running shoes for traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen and made our way to the Oktoberfest-themed After-Party. After being physically active, weisswurst (and beer) tasted exceptionally good and we enjoyed casually chatting outside the usual office atmosphere.

Everyone participating in this very successful event could agree on one thing: Running can be quite a lot of fun when the conditions are right. Our running shoes are not going to be stored away any time soon and who knows; maybe the hardwood experts will be conquering a marathon in the near future. ;-)

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BusinessRun Oktoberfest

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Marketing Trainee in Dornbirn, Austria

Christina Jagg is currently doing an internship for her Business & Management studies at Danzer in Dornbirn. She helps with the maintenance of the media database and supports the Marketing Team wherever possible. She loves the mountains as much as she loves big cities and enjoys exploring places by going on long walks. In her free time, she can either be found playing the piano and writing songs or in the stands supporting her favorite sports teams. She studies in Vienna but decided to come back to her home town for the internship.