The FSC General Assembly 2017 in Vancouver Worked Among Douglas Fir, Bigleaf Maple And Western Red Cedar

The FSC General Assembly 2017 in Vancouver Worked Among Douglas Fir, Bigleaf Maple And Western Red Cedar

The FSC General Assembly 2017 took place over the course of six days in October in stunning Vancouver, Canada in close proximity to a beautiful and natural old park – the legendary Stanley Park.

The setting could not have been more ideal: Stanley Park, within walking distance of the FSC meeting rooms, extends over 400 acres and is the largest urban park in Canada. Half a million trees – western red cedars, douglas firs and bigleaf maple trees – impress visitors each day.

Canada forest

The FSC General Assembly takes place every three years. Approximately 800 stakeholders from environmental organizations, trade unions, indigenous groups and businesses gathered this year from October 8th-13th in Canada to discuss the requirements and conditions of sustainable forestry. The purpose of any FSC General Assembly is to find common approaches, clarify existing standards, update policy and procedure and introduce new ideas.

Many new motions
The last days of the assembly were particularly exciting with the voting on proposed motions. This year, 15 new motions (of 35 voted on) were passed.

One of the most significant decisions was the FSC Controlled Wood Strategy, which has been supported by a large majority of members. By the end of 2019, national risk analyses ought to be implemented in place of individual and internal risk analyses. Another milestone in terms of decisions is the 20/20 strategy: the plan to have at least 20 % of the wood in the global market FSC certified by 2020. Motions regarding the sustainable consolidation and improvement of the organization as a whole were approved as well, including the implementation of a new internal audit system and new strategic measures by the management team. Each FSC General Assembly is exciting until the end and a very enriching experience for all participants every year.

FSC General Assembly Vote

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