Danzer France, Souvans

Danzer France, Souvans

When visions turn into reality

A few years ago we faced a difficult situation at our location in France. We had to make a decision, about an economically unprofitable plant that yet held a very special place in our hearts. It was a decision that demanded courage and vision. A decision that turned out to be exactly the right move after only a few years. A decision that fills us with joy and pride today. Our visions of the past have turned into reality.

Danzer France Management
Danzer Veneer Europe management is examining the converted veneer mill's proper functioning.


In 2015, we decided to invest a total of 13 million Euro in our plant in Souvans, - to kill two birds with one stone: A conversion would save the location and at the same time meet the increased demand for thick-cut veneers in the flooring industry. In 2012, we had already begun producing sliced wear layers for engineered hardwood flooring – with increasing sales figures.

When we finally re-opened the Souvans plant a few weeks ago, together with employees, representatives of various Danzer locations, customers and partners, we celebrated with great joy. We managed to secure 85 jobs and create a future-oriented, sustainably working plant.

Slicing instead of sawing
The production in Souvans is now in full swing. In the beginning of 2018 the full capacity of 20,000 m3 will be reached - sustainably and with very low waste of the raw material. Here at Danzer we slice the flooring lamellas instead of sawing them. When the lamellas are sawn, roughly 30 to 40 % is wasted in form of sawdust. Slicing is much more efficient, there is practically no waste of the valuable resource. With our proprietary and patented Danzer VS4000 slicers, sufficient drying kilns and the great know-how of our long-time employees, we are ideally prepared to work efficiently and resource-saving in our "new, old" location.

Danzer France VS4000
Workers are changing the flitch at our Danzer VS4000 veneer slicer.

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About the Author

Fabrice Langlet

Plant Manager at Danzer France, Souvans

Fabrice Langlet joined Danzer in 1997. Coming from a school focused on forestry he has worked as a log purchaser responsible for the procurement of European hardwood. He is passionate about forests and logs and has been building a network of suppliers over the course of 30 years by maintaining strong relationships with them. Since four years he has been managing Danzer France while following developments with a new industrial approach for flooring. He lives in a small village, which is why forest-related activities are an essential part of his everyday life.