Wood construction leads the pack in digitalization

Wood construction leads the pack in digitalization

Digitalization is on the rise in all industry sectors, including the construction industry. However, in the field of solid construction, which accounts for the largest share of total construction, it is not progressing as rapidly as innovations would allow. Wood construction is more innovative as the following example shows: Traditionally, monstrous construction plans printed on paper are used on the construction site and have to be reprinted every time something changes. This costs time in an industry with already low profitability. The field of wood construction is entering new paths. The so called "building information modeling" - or "BIM" - simplifies the paperwork by working with digital 3D models. If the plan changes, it is automatically transferred to the virtual building model. The Swiss construction company Implenia is already using this: As the walls are produced in a factory every workplace at Implenia has a monitor that displays the current digital plan. This means that every worker in the factory is kept up-to-date which results in an increase of productivity and less hassle. (Source: https://www.nzz.ch/wirtschaft/effizienter-bauen-fuer-implenia-ist-holz-mehr-als-nur-heimelig-ld.154984 )

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The advantages of wood as a building material are obvious: in contrast to concrete and steel, it is both ecological in production and disposal. By clever forestry, the renewable raw material becomes not less, but more. Additionally, wood has a positive effect on the quality of living and health. With innovations such as BIM, the economic factor is undeniable and building with wood is going to become even more attractive in the future.

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