March 31, 2016

Danzer 3D-Veneer Exhibited In China

Adoption in China completes Danzer 3D-Veneer’s world-wide use.

Guangzhou, China, March 2016 – At this year’s 37th China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) in Guangzhou in March, several Chinese furniture companies exhibit pieces made from Danzer 3D-Veneer. This completes the innovative material’s geographic trail of success: from first 3D-Veneer applications more than ten years ago in Europe to the material’s establishment in North America five years ago, now to products with 3D-Veneer in Asia.

A total of eight new products with 3D-Veneer have been introduced to the Chinese market by the three local companies QuMei, Inovation and 5th Season. On display at CIFF Guangzhou in March and also at CIFF Shanghai in September 2015 were chairs, lounge chairs and a barstool, as well as accessories like a lamp and table ware. Some of the products have been designed locally; some products have been designed by European Designers like Hans Sandgreen Jacobsen or Renè Chyba. The launch of 3D-Veneer products to the domestic Chinese market completes the worldwide adoption of the material, after Thai company Hove D.K. had been producing and marketing products with Danzer 3D-Veneer in Asia before already.

The geographic expansion out of Europe gained momentum five years ago, when US office furniture company Hermann Miller decided to deploy the new possibilities given by 3D-Veneer to introduce the classic Eames Plastic Side Chair also in wood. The launch of this iconic piece of furniture sparked much interest in the furniture industry and resulted in various 3D-Veneer projects with other North American companies.

Danzer 3D-Veneer had been introduced to the market in the early 2000s. The Danish furniture company Gubi was amongst the first to launch commercially successful products with 3D-Veneer. Their Gubi Chair made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2004. Since then more than 300 European furniture designs have used 3D-Veneer, and growing. 3D-Veneer is also used in the automotive industry, architecture and other applications.

3D-Veneer allows designing – and industrially producing – wooden organic shapes, light weight structures and form-following coatings. Danzer 3D-Veneer had been invented by a young innovative German company, Reholz. Hardwood specialist Danzer acquired the company in 2008. With Danzer’s global production and sales network the advantages of the new material are effectively marketed world-wide since then.


About Danzer

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