May 11, 2016

Danzer France Starts Mill Conversion

Hardwood specialist is implementing its strategy for flooring capacity extension

Souvans, France, May 2016 – Hardwood specialist Danzer has started the construction work for converting the local plant: The goal is an efficient production site for sliced hardwood flooring deck layers. The Danzer capacity expansion is a response to the growing demand for thick-cut deck layers. Production start is foreseen for spring 2017; the full capacity of 20,000m3 log volume will be reached in 2018. The industrial production concept and the resource efficient use of the hardwood resource secure the production at the Danzer plant in Souvans, long-term.

As a first step of the construction activities, the machines have been dismantled in April 2016 and the old foundations have been partly removed. In a next step the foundations will be renewed and a new boiler will be installed. Next, the new, very precise Danzer VS4000 slicers and the kiln dryers will be installed. Test production will start at the end of this year.

Investing in flooring lamellas

At the end of 2015, the Danzer supervisory board approved a 15 Million Euro investment program to increase the company’s production capacity for deck layers for the engineered flooring industry. Three Danzer plants will be modified or expanded to increase thick-cut capacity: Souvans (France), Melnik (Czech Republic) and Darlington (USA). The demand for these thick-cut lamellas, especially for oak, is still growing and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. The sliced lamellas’ distinctive feature is the efficient use of the resource: In contrast to sawing, slicing lamellas creates no sawdust, and therefore virtually no waste. “In 2012, we have started to slice deck layers for engineered hardwood flooring and continuously increased our capacity, since then. With the start to convert our Souvans facility, another milestone for our flooring business has been reached,” says Hans-Joachim Danzer, CEO of Danzer.

France as production location

The abundant supply of high-quality oak in the Souvans region paired with Danzer France’s long-standing hardwood competence were the key factors behind the decision to upgrade the Danzer production location in France; they will also support the success of the plant in the future. Producing close to the resource and its efficient use are pivotal to Danzer’s resource saving concept.


About Danzer

Danzer is a leading quality hardwood company. The company employs approximately 2,600 employees and services customers from 21 sales offices worldwide. Founded in 1932, the family oriented company is managed by a member of the third generation. Danzer owns and manages forests sustainably and produces sliced veneer, lumber and innovative value-added wood products for decorative purposes. Danzer products are being used in high-quality furniture, automobiles, interior architecture and other applications.


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