July 21, 2020

Danzer Linea Black Birch Veneer Enhances New Corporate Offices in Atlanta

"Office of the future" using Danzer veneer

DORNBIRN, AT, July 21, 2020 – CBRE/Heery recently completed a new modern space for the 4-story corporate headquarters of a well-established client in the Atlanta area. Using veneer and other materials to provide a sophisticated yet casual environment, CBRE/Heery was able to transform their clients’ traditional space to a modern “office of the future”.

Lydia O’Neal, Senior Project Lead and her team at CBRE/Heery acknowledged that their challenge was to create a sense of identity within departments while ensuring interaction to increase collaboration, connectivity and flexibility.

Creating a functional and nurturing “office of the future” is a daunting task for every design group. Rising to this challenge, the CBRE/Heery Atlanta team was able to develop an open office design that solved the need for both collaborative and heads-down space by creating 47 meeting spaces and 25 quiet rooms. In addition, a social hub was designed at the core of the office that includes a lounge setting with healthy food/beverage options, tables and booths with integrated technology, and an energy pod room to promote well-being. Lydia O’Neal clarified that well-being is important to all of her firms’ clientele, stating “…they want an inclusive narrative of sustainability that is provided in part by the use of quality FSC certified materials.”

A balanced combination of light and dark neutrals was used to provide a clean backdrop for color accents with furniture and artwork, with each of the four floors having its individual theme.  Danzer’s new Linea Black Birch veneer was used extensively throughout the four-story corporate environment on the millwork, interior doors and ceiling panels. According to O’Neal, “Danzer Linea Black Birch veneer provided a unique play on wood veneer, with a linear pattern that offered a great visual connection to other materials in the palette, a depth and texture providing a consistent finish from panel to panel.”

The focal point in the heart of the office space is the communicating stair. This staircase was cleverly utilized by O’Neal to connect all levels of the space by being thoughtfully placed in the heart of destinations within the office including reception, meeting rooms and social hub. Danzer Linea Black Birch veneer has been successfully implemented as the thematic linking element between spaces and takes center stage in the communication inducing heart of the building. Phil Tomasello, Danzer’s Director of Specification, noted that roughly 22,000 square feet of Danzer’s new Linea Black Birch veneer was used to help CBRE/Heery achieve this corporate interior project. Tomasello acknowledged that “Danzer is honored to be a continued part of the design lexicon within CBRE/Heery”, adding “Our dedication to creating new sustainable and unique technical veneer options in the Linea product line will continue in an effort to meet the growing demand for innovative surface solutions throughout the interior design community.”


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