More Than 80 Years Of Hardwood Excellence


Created innovation center in Dresden and moved headquarters from Switzerland to Austria
Started to produce flooring lamellas replacing lower-yield sawing process with resource-optimized slicing process
Acquired small innovative company Reholz in Germany, inventor of 3D-Veneer
Danzer launches a new wooden surface, Vinterio, as a prelude to multiple investments in technology and innovation in new products and processes
Certified FSC and PEFC Chain-of-Custody and TLTV
Most modern veneer mill in Europe starts production in the Czech Republic
Invention of Danzer’s new generation of high-performance slicers, the VS4000
Built lumber mill in Bradford, Pennsylvania
Entered North American veneer market with acquisitions in North America: of David R. Webb, in Edinburgh, Indiana and Interforest Ltd. in Durham, Ontario
Acquired first forest concession in Africa in Ivory Coast.
Started to industrialize veneer production with inauguration of first own veneer mill in Reutlingen, Germany
Foundation of a veneer trading company by German entrepreneur Karl Danzer in Paris