Why Danzer

Why Danzer

A good business

Danzer is a leading hardwood quality company. Working with wood, Danzer is using the most modern, versatile and sustainable raw material that mankind has available on the planet. Our material ends up in practical and beautiful products that contribute to the health and well-being of all of us, and our environment. We invest in technological innovation to make an ever better use of the valuable hardwood resource. We own and manage forests sustainably and procure hardwood only from responsible sources. Danzer has been around for three generations and is well positioned for a successful future.


An attractive employer

Danzer considers the diversity of its workforce a major source of its success. At Danzer, we employ a very diverse workforce in more than 10 countries around the globe; Danzer people are of more than 38 nationalities, who speak more than 30 different languages. Our success relies on each and every one of our employees, therefore we encourage our staff to develop their individual strengths and take on new responsibilities. Respectful and cooperative teamwork is as essential as are fair pay and a healthy work-life balance. As an international company with offices and plants on 3 continents we offer international work experiences, multicultural teams and travel opportunities.

Danzer invests in the qualification of its employees. This is key to the success of Danzer: key to the safety and productivity of employees; key to innovation; key to communication and feedback loops; key to continual improvement. Much of the knowledge required to become a specialist in the hardwood business – whether filing the profile of a bandsaw blade, or identifying hardwood species – cannot be taught in a classroom setting but is rather learned on the job from more experienced colleagues. We take it seriously if we claim that our most important assets of the company wear shoes and boots. The relationship between the company and the people is mutual commitment.