Gain Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers of components such as dimension products or other lumber-based semi-finished products, spliced faces or veneered boards must effectively compete with in-house manufacturing by producers of the final product.

Procuring consistent, high-quality raw material that matches your order file lets you optimize yield and reduce working capital in your component production process—and helps you win in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Being able to offer unique products and solutions also can set you apart from competition.


Solutions for Component Producers – Effective Operations

Solutions for Effective Operations

Danzer customers depend on the availability of a broad range of products, species, grades and quantities to fulfill recurring or project-based need for component materials, and, they count on our unmatched manufacturing quality. They also value the custom programs we create for them that facilitate sorting, selection and preparation of products — programs that significantly reduce waste, enhance productivity and save time in the manufacturing process. Our large inventories, product quality and support allow for far more efficient procurement and substantially better management of working capital. 

Solutions for Component Producers – Differentiated Product Portfolio

Solutions for Component Producers – Differentiated Product Portfolio

Solutions for a Differentiated Product Portfolio

Danzer refreshes its offerings by introducing innovative new hardwood products. Component producers are able to complement materials they traditionally use with these unique Danzer products as a way to differentiate themselves. Marketing material to promote these products is available, and we invest in decision-maker marketing to demonstrate the value of these differentiated products.