More Than 80 Years Of Hardwood Excellence


Danzer focuses on hardwood from temperate forests in the Northern hemisphere and rebrands all companies accordingly – activities with tropical timber are managed by Interholco
Danzer France’s slicing facility in Souvans is converted to a specialized highly-efficient production site for flooring deck layers
Danzer releases its first Sustainability Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) reporting guidelines
Danzer introduces sliced lamellas for the flooring industry. This marks the latest milestone of many significant steps to use technology to improve resource efficiency
Danzer acquires Reholz in Dresden, which later becomes the innovation and engineering hub of Danzer for Europe
Danzer achieves successful third party audits for its industrial activities and procurements systems based on ISO 14001:2004 standards, later followed by the FSC certification of the IFO activities in 2009
Vinterio is introduced to the market as a prelude to multiple investments in technology and innovation in new products and processes
Hans-Joachim Danzer takes over management responsibility at Danzer
Acquisition of IFO in the Republic of Congo and subsequent major investment to make the operation functional
Danzer starts to develop its proprietary slicer VS4000
Begin of major expansion and growth in North American veneer production via acquisition
Building and start-up of Bradford Forest, a high-quality hardwood sawmill in Bradford, PA
Danzer revolutionizes sliced veneer production with the development of the first upstroke veneer slicer
Karl Danzer splits from his partners in North America and begins his own industrial activities in the US and Canada
Karl Heinz Danzer and Hans-Jörg Danzer take over the management responsibility at Danzer
Acquisition of a veneer plant in Brazil, starting Danzer’s investment in Brazil that ended in 2005
Acquisition of the “Groupe Miguet” – the then leader in the veneer trade globally including Coplac, Fanerimporten and other companies
Acquisition of a forest concession in Africa – the beginning of a long journey in Africa
Investment in North American veneer production in cooperation with partners from the Paris days
Re-start after WWII and the building of Danzer’s first veneer plant in Reutlingen, Germany, Karl Danzer’s home town
Incorporation of veneer agent „Karl Danzer, Courtier en Bois et Placages“ in Paris - the humble beginnings of Danzer