A Modern Organization

Danzer’s organization blends the advantages of a family-operated business with the professional management approach of larger corporations. We rely on the know-how and experience of our people, many working for Danzer for decades. We also bring professional tools, numbers and modern management practices to the hardwood industry. Our systems, our strategy and implementation orientation are based on practices applied by much larger organizations. Danzer’s management is controlled by a Supervisory Board of independent professionals with different backgrounds.

Danzer is owned by a foundation, the Karl Danzer Stiftung. Karl Danzer, the company’s founder, established this structure back in the 1970s to ensure the long-term survival of the Danzer companies and to protect the company from fragmentation by generational succession. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Supervisory Board must each have a non-family majority as mandated by the by-laws. By this Karl Danzer intended to keep the interest of the companies and the employees paramount; thus separating the company and family assets completely.

The foundation reinvests the money generated by the company in the business. This ensures a high degree of independence for Danzer. It also supports a long-term, generational management approach that is in line with the natural characteristics of the hardwood resource.

Danzer is organized by business units around products and regions. Each business unit has control over its day-to-day operations from procurement and production to sales and marketing. The business unit heads are part of Danzer’s Group Advisory Board where they coordinate their efforts. All business units report to Danzer Holding AG that provides the overall strategy to the organization, sets global standards, defines policies and coordinates implementation among the business units.


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