Helping You Build Your Brand

As a manufacturer of branded products that utilize hardwood—e.g. flooring, case goods, kitchen cabinets or doors—achieving production efficiency, meeting customer deadlines and delivering a perfect product are key to success. Guaranteeing responsible sourcing and differentiating your offerings also contributes significantly to your ability to grow your customer base.

Danzer reliably supplies hardwood to large and medium-sized manufacturers, helping them achieve high levels of productivity. Branded manufacturers rely on Danzer to supply the distinctive products, quality materials and professional advice they need.


Solutions for Branded Manufacturers – Maximized Productivity

Solutions for Maximized Productivity

Danzer supports branded manufacturers with product programs including custom color sorts and custom dimensions that assure exact specifications are met.

We also offer pick-and-ship programs that ensure regular, consistent supplies of materials delivered at a reduced purchasing cost.

Our broad product range and large inventory volume allow you to consistently source the right product at competitive prices: What is not readily available is produced flexibly and fast.

Danzer employs an industrial approach to quality control that results in a consistent high-quality product that maximizes your productivity.

Solutions for Branded Manufacturers – New, Differentiated Products

Solutions for Branded Manufacturers – New, Differentiated Products

Solutions for New, Differentiated Products

Offering differentiated materials is another way Danzer serves this market. We maintain a rich inventory of samples, case studies and sales literature to support branded manufacturers in product design and development.

Our experienced salesforce works with third-party or in-house designers to answer important technical and economic questions about creating new products. And we provide custom development services for customers ranging from automotive companies to retail chains.

Danzer also creates custom samples, prototypes and short runs of final products to support the decision-making process. The combination of these services shortens the development cycle and increases the likelihood of final product success.