Danzer Management

Danzer Group Advisory Board

Danzer’s management team provides leadership needed to promote our company’s commitment to “Hardwood Excellence.” Collectively, its members draw on a well-rounded set of experiences from the wood industry and key functional areas. They work together to instill the processes that assure quality and efficiency, as well as the attitudes that assure high levels of innovation, throughout the organization.
hans-joachim danzer

Hans-Joachim Danzer (CEO)

Born: 1970 in Reutlingen (Germany)

Nationality: German

Background: MBA (Lic. oec. HSG)

Chief Executive Officer Danzer Holding AG, Member of Danzer Management Board

At Danzer since 1999

markus pfister

Markus Pfister (CFO)

Born: 1960 in Luzern (Switzerland)

Nationality: Swiss

Background: BS in Economics, University of Applied Science Bern

Chief Financial Officer Danzer Holding AG, Member of Danzer Management Board

At Danzer since 2008

rudi heinzelmann

Rudi Heinzelmann

Born: 1960 in Reutlingen (Germany)

Nationality: German

Background: Trade merchant and technical wood merchant (HTR Rosenheim)

Chief Executive Officer Danzer Veneer Europe

At Danzer since 1984

greg lottes

Greg Lottes

Born: 1961 in Highland Park, Michigan (USA)

Nationality: American

Background: BS in Forestry, MS (Economics and Finance concentration)

President Danzer Lumber North America

At Danzer since 1997

eckart schmitt

Eckart Schmitt

Born: 1965 in Trier (Germany)

Nationality: German

Background: MBA, PhD

Chief Executive Officer Danzer Specialty Division

At Danzer since 2009

dan sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Born: 1962 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)

Nationality: American

Background: BS Business University of Pittsburgh, MS Taxation Robert Morris University

President and Chief Executive Officer of Danzer Veneer Americas, Chief Financial Officer of Danzer North Americas, Inc. and President of Danzer Services, Inc.

At Danzer since 2010


Supervisory Board of Danzer Holding AG

Dr. Roland Bosch

Scott Clawson

Karl Heinz Danzer

Dr. Rolf Dörig