Danzer Code of Conduct

Danzer Code of Conduct

In 2013, Danzer began consolidating all of its policies and procedures into a single source for employees seeking guidance on business ethics or company values. Danzer found the UN Global Compact's 10 Commitment to be concise guiding principles to frame Danzer's Code of Conduct, which is a list of 35 conducts expected of the Danzer workforce and, in some cases such as anti-bribery, third-parties.

The Code of Conduct has been approved at the Executive Board and Board of Directors levels (since 2015: Group Advisory Board and Supervisory Board, respectively). The Danzer Code of Conduct was translated into the 4 operating languages of Danzer (English, German, Czech, and Spanish) and added to all Employee Handbooks, integrated into new employee orientation, and is the subject of employee training at all levels. The Danzer Code of Conduct is a dynamic document that is reviewed regularly to include constructive suggestions collected from all Danzer employees.

Danzer Code of Conduct

Danzer Verhaltenskodex

Etický kodex společnosti Danzer

Código de conducta de Danzer

This Code of Conduct is established to inform management, employees and associates of Danzer on how to work together to manufacture renewable products in a highly responsible and sustainable way: with special attention to the needs of workers, communities, and other stakeholders.

This Code of Conduct is an information tool for all employees of Danzer.  As such, all employees are encouraged, even obliged, to give their feedback on the improvement of this system or report any deviations from it to their respective supervisor or Executive Board member or securely and confidentially through the Grievance Mechanism.


Danzer Grievance Mechanism and Integrity Line

Danzer Grievance Mechansim and Integrity Line

Danzer Beschwerdeverfahren und Integrity Line.pdf

Mechanismus podavani stiznosti a linka integrity spolecnosti Danzer

Procedimiento de Quejas y Linea de Integridad de Danzer


The Danzer Code of Conduct is divided into four sections:

  1. Responsible Procurement
  2. Rights of People
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Environment, Health and Safety

The above order does not imply priorities. All four categories are of equal importance to Danzer.


Responsible Procurement

  1. Danzer is always inventing new ways to use wood smartly because wood is a good, modern material that is natural, healthy, and renewable.
  2. Danzer employees always look for ways to use more of the tree.
  3. Danzer buys wood that is grown responsibly and cut legally.
  4. Danzer prefers to produce logs close to where they grow so that the local workforce is employed.
  5. Suppliers are held to the same standards as Danzer (including the prohibition of child and forced labor and trafficking of that labor).
    1. Danzer has established traceability and legality of all wood products supplied from third parties. In medium-to-high risk regions for corruption, illegality or forced labor, Danzer works proactively with third-party wood suppliers, requiring them to meet particular requirements.
    2. Danzer practices due diligence toward socially and environmentally responsible supply chain management practices with annual risk assessments and audits of the supply chain.
    3. If specific forced labor risks were identified, Danzer has a system in place to take corrective action and ensure management involvement.
    4. Relevant procurement staff and management are trained according to identified risks to ensure Danzer does business only with suppliers who comply with this Code of Conduct.


Rights of People

  1. Danzer employees bring concerns and ideas to their immediate supervisors or through the chain-of-command.
  2. Danzer employees are free to gather to discuss improving the workplace.
  3. Danzer employees are provided with competitive pay, health care and social benefits.
  4. Danzer employees are adults, or legal interns, who choose freely to work.
  5. Danzer security providers are responsible and restrained.
  6. People working for Danzer respect human rights.
  7. Danzer teaches its employees so that they can move-up in the business.
  8. Danzer employees respect trade secrets and intellectual property.
  9. Danzer employees help to set goals that are meaningful and consistent with this Code of Conduct.
  10. Danzer respects that local communities may have different cultures, customs & values.
  11. Danzer welcomes all stakeholders to voice their opinions.
  12. Danzer treats its employees with fairness and dignity in terms of opportunities/development and noncompliance (with requirements).
  13. Danzer employees work free from discrimination based on arbitrary characteristics.
  14. Danzer employees work free of harassment, exploitation, abuse and violence.
  15. Employees with disabilities and family needs can expect flexibility.


Corporate Governance

  1. Danzer management is responsible for this Code of Conduct.
  2. Danzer employees understand that honest and fair business is good business and obey the law, instructions and this Code of Conduct.
  3. Danzer employees keep personal issues out of business decisions.
  4. Danzer cooperates constructively with authorities and auditors to evaluate its operations.
  5. Danzer makes contributions legally, ethically, with fairness and openness.
  6. Danzer employees do not allow third parties to bribe on Danzer’s behalf.
  7. Danzer employees do not engage in bribery or corruption.
  8. Danzer keeps proper records.


Environment, Health and Safety

  1. Danzer maintains healthy work conditions for employees.
  2. Danzer employees work with supervisors to reduce risks to safety.
  3. Danzer employees protect the environment by caring for the air, water and soil in their jobs.
  4. Danzer employees make decisions with the future in mind.
  5. Danzer employees help to discover environmental and safety challenges.