Our approach

The Danzer Commitment

Sustainability is more than a forest management principle. Sustainability is management making decisions considering generations to come. Since well-rooted corporate values drive these decisions, the commitment to sustainability is generational. At Danzer, we also understand that healthy employees and thriving communities mean healthy business and vice versa.

A Systematic Approach

Danzer’s core business relies on a natural resource. For this reason, we have proactively addressed sustainability questions in decision-making since the company was founded in 1932. In 2012, Danzer pulled all sustainability efforts together into a formal Sustainability Agenda, effectively integrating economic, social and environmental sustainability into our corporate governance. Danzer’s own Compliance Counsel reports directly to the Company Management; and we use the structured ISO 14001 framework to implement e.g. Environment and Health and Safety programs.


Pragmatic and Robust Solutions

Danzer follows regulatory and market changes, responds proactively and is therefore prepared. Customers rely on Danzer to be ready and organized to handle changes in the marketplace. Danzer appreciates working with like-minded customers that develop their own comprehensive programs to address specific needs beyond regulatory compliance.