Sell More Product Faster

Successful importers and wholesalers of hardwood products need to consistently offer quality material in high volumes at a fair price to their customers. As an experienced, responsible and reliable supplier of logs, lumber and sliced veneer from sustainable sources, Danzer enables its wholesaler & importer customers to satisfy their customers by providing them exactly what they need.

As an importer or wholesaler, when you work with Danzer, you’re able to stay focused on properly preparing, sorting and distributing products—rather than on procuring them. We have the processes in place and the services required to assure high-value product from sustainable and legal sources is readily available. 


Solutions for Wholesalers – Day-to-Day Efficiency

Solutions for Day-to-Day Efficiency

Danzer supports this market by stocking an exceptionally large inventory or by organizing long-term production programs. Information about our product is available online, and Danzer employees respond quickly to inquiries, so customers have ready access to details needed to efficiently make buying decisions. Our customers rely on our proven network of experienced logistics partners to deliver on-time and to keep transportation costs in check, and they count on Danzer’s high standards of manufacturing excellence to ensure consistent product quality.

Solutions for Wholesalers – Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

Solutions for Wholesalers – Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

Solutions for a Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

With an unparalleled wealth of knowledge about the world’s hardwoods, a large procurement network and access to our own forests, Danzer understands big picture implications—and little details—important to wholesaler and importer customers. We put that knowledge to work to help you to procure materials legally and sustainably: If we don’t have it, but it’s available, Danzer finds it for you. If a product is not available, Danzer lets you know, and guides you to an acceptable alternative.