Procurement Strategy

Close to the Stump

Danzer processes approximately 260,000 m³ of hardwood per year. In order to produce the range of quality specifications demanded by Danzer customers, Danzer works diligently to secure the logs that create value throughout the supply chain. Long-term relationships with suppliers are a pivotal part of Danzer’s procurement strategy. Mutual trust develops over time between reliable partners and makes it easy to do business together. Due to its size, Danzer can buy a broad range of hardwood logs offered by a single supplier.

Danzer also participates in bids to complement its range of purchases. In any case, Danzer tries to buy “close to the stump.” The closer we buy, the better we know the quality of the material and the easier it is to ensure that the wood is from responsible sources. Short distances to our mills also favor local economies, save transportation costs and benefit the environment. Danzer’s well-trained experts help private timberland owners make the right decisions as to what to cut and how to best use the logs.