The Timeless Appeal of Wood

Decorative hardwood is an ideal material for furniture, flooring, doors and other products. Consumers worldwide prefer wood because it appeals to a range of style preferences, functional requirements and budget. Private and professional buyers – whether they’re purchasing a single chair for a dining room or thousands for a school – appreciate wood’s economic and performance criteria, as well as the fact that it’s a natural material, good for people’s well-being.

While Danzer doesn’t sell products directly to end-users, we work closely with manufacturers and shop fitters, architects and designers, and professional buyers to help them source hardwoods. They then convert our material into beautiful, practical and healthy products for you who use them every day.


Solutions for professional end-users

As part of Danzer’s service to the architectural and design community, our experienced experts consult with professional end-users, including corporations, hospitality firms and retail and restaurant chains, on the use of decorative hardwood. Danzer advises them on specifying standard products and custom develops surfaces or products that fit a brand’s style, functional needs and cost. Our global structure makes us a strong partner for multi-location companies, allowing us to deliver consistent product reliably over extended periods of time, anywhere in the world.

For End users

Solutions for private end-users

Private end-users are invited to browse this website for information about hardwood that guides decision making. In an age of mass-produced products, often made from artificial materials like plastic, wood stands out. Its beauty, durability and style enhance the places we live, work and gather.

Research shows that wood in interior spaces reduces stress; it’s also the most environmentally friendly material available. The only energy needed to grow trees is sunlight, which is in abundant supply. Even after accounting for manufacturing, a wood product is carbon positive, storing more CO2 than the production process consumes. Danzer applies high standards to procurement and manufacturing processes to maximize the hardwood resource. If you have the choice, ask for Danzer material when buying wood products.