Right Product, Service at All Times

Retailers of wood products must respond swiftly to wide-ranging demand to keep customers happy and coming back for more. Making sure you stay top-of-mind depends on meeting customers’ needs every time. By consistently procuring a large variety of desired products, you sell more, you satisfy your customers and you minimize the need for costly inventory storage.


Solutions for Wood Retailers – Selling Most Efficiently

Solutions for Selling Most Efficiently

Danzer’s inventories are large, and our extensive sales network means your requests are responded to quickly. A reliable supply chain translates into timely delivery—so you keep your product moving while allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing, instead of worrying about procurement.

Your customers will value our vast array of tailored products in specific grades and thicknesses. Because we provide easy access to these products, you don’t have to stock them all. Together with our speedy delivery service, this allows you to satisfy your customers while keeping your own inventory levels low and reducing the costs associated with stock-keeping.

Danzer is always there to help you make a sale as efficiently as possible (even responding quickly to unusual requests). Put our experience and infrastructure to work for you. 

Solutions for Wood Retailers – Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

Solutions for Wood Retailers – Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

Solutions for a Well-Rounded Product Portfolio

Danzer offers unique products retailers can use to differentiate themselves in the marketplace—and we provide a full line of helpful marketing materials to drive demand. We’re prepared to work with you to set up productive shop-in-the-shop concepts, and provide other types of support to drive sales, including investing in decision-maker marketing for differentiated products that drives revenue. Our value is further enhanced by our willingness to share our industry knowledge with wood retailers, keeping you informed on hardwood trends and proposing complementary products and services to add to your line of customer offerings—and increase margins.