Your Job Well Done

As a millworker, shop-fitter or contractor, winning new projects every day is what counts. Fast and accurate quotation processes, a reputation for high quality work, and consistency in meeting deadlines make all the difference in your ability to sell. Demonstrating this type of professional and individual service sets you apart from your direct competitors, as well as finished furniture and DIY solutions.

Danzer offers its large portfolio of decorative hardwood materials to large contractors directly. We also sell directly to wood products retailers, making our material available to smaller contractors who don’t buy direct. Our high quality, innovative products—plus our helpful service and proactive sales support—make Danzer the preferred provider in this discerning market.


Solutions for Millworkers & Contractors – Streamlined Procurement

Solutions for Streamlined Procurement

Danzer stocks high volume and variety of decorative hardwood lumber and veneer. This allows contractors to buy standard products any time, without complexity and at competitive prices.

  • With state-of-the art splicing facilities and a dimension plant at hand, contractors can choose to buy raw material or prefabricated products.
  • Our large, diverse inventory of specialty products makes Danzer the partner of choice for hard-to-procure material.
  • Danzer products are sourced responsibly and we provide certificates where applicable.
  • Our well-trained team responds to inquiries quickly, guiding large contractors to the right material at the right time and at a fair price.
  • Danzer consults with the designers and architects working with contractors on hardwood use to make sure specifications can be realized with available material. Sampling services are available at key stages of normal project work.

Solutions for Millworkers & Contractors – Innovative Offerings

Solutions for Millworkers & Contractors – Innovative Offerings

Solutions for Innovative Offerings

Danzer offers new hardwood products such as technical veneers, including Danzer Vinterio, Danzer Linea or the innovative Danzer 3D-Veneer, that allow contractors to achieve truly differentiated looks. You can also leverage Danzer’s custom solutions department to complement their own capabilities, e.g. realizing organic shapes with 3D-Veneer or other production challenges.

  • Our experienced Danzer staff is available to provide detailed information on unique materials.
  • We offer marketing material to promote these products and services, as well as invest in our own decision-maker marketing.
  • Through its local expertise, volume and selection, Danzer helps improve contractors’ brand image: Their customers leave our showrooms impressed and ready-to-buy.