Responsible Procurement

Just One Less Thing To Worry About

Danzer Customers Can Rely on Raw Material from Sources that are Lawful and Sustainable

Without sustainable forestry, the resource Danzer relies on would be depleted and the quality of the raw material deteriorated. Illegal logging poses significant risks to the rights of people and can threaten the biodiversity and sustainability of entire forest ecosystems.

In addition to the damages to the environment and society, illegal logging puts businesses like Danzer, who invest in legal and ethical procurement, at a competitive disadvantage. For these reasons, Danzer enthusiastically supports legislation to curb the international trade of illegal timber and timber products, such as the European Union Timber Regulation and Lacey Act in the United States.

Suppliers are Held to the Same Standards as Danzer

In North America and Europe, Danzer buys the majority of the logs from large and small landowners, including state and federal forestlands around the world. Danzer makes sure it knows as much as possible about the origin of the wood it purchases (traceability). Danzer prefers to buy from sources certified according to internationally recognized standards for good forest management and human rights (e.g. PEFC™, SFI or FSC®). Suppliers from higher risk areas are scrutinized to make sure Danzer only buys wood that is grown responsibly and harvested legally, without the use of any child or forced labor.