Ease Your Procurement Logistics

The effective management of your saw mill or veneer mill requires a steady flow of high-quality logs at exact volumes, species and grade mix. The ability to efficiently procure raw materials needed to fit specifications helps log processing companies achieve competitive advantage, and grow their businesses.

Danzer simplifies the demanding task of buying hardwood logs:

  • We harvest hardwood logs from our forest. We also buy quality logs from trusted partners in North America and Europe for our production, and for sale to third-parties.
  • Danzer provides all documentation to assure logs purchased are certified sustainable.
  • Our logs are available in the volumes you need, at the grade mixes you require, to meet your customers’ demand.
  • Danzer eliminates the need for log processing companies to continuously research resources, and inspect and purchase logs from multiple sources.
  • There’s no need for time-consuming due diligence to insure material supplied is from responsible sources.
  • The procurement process is streamlined—and supplies reliable. You save time, money and hassle in procuring raw material.

Solutions for Log Processing Companies – Consistent Supply

Solutions for Consistent Supply

Danzer’s experienced service team is well-qualified to help you easily buy a broad variety of hardwood logs from responsible sources in North America and Europe. Based on your unique manufacturing needs, our team sets up specific procurement programs and assures consistent, timely delivery. Our process helps improve yield and lower unit cost of your final product — and keeps you focused on production and sales, instead of procurement.

Solutions for Log Processing Companies – Transparent Procurement

Solutions for Log Processing Companies – Transparent Procurement

Solutions for Transparent Procurement

For North American species, Danzer offers an innovative way to buy logs — using scanned images. Hardwood log parcels are photographed and scanned, providing you with a view of both the external and internal structure of individual logs. With the information available, you know precisely what you’re purchasing before you buy. You purchase target qualities according to exact specifications. So there’s minimal waste, and no need to settle for less than what’s required. Log processing companies save time and money in procurement, and help assure they meet customer expectations.