Designed to Succeed

Designers and architects of interior spaces, furniture, and automotive or boat interiors seek suitable materials that reflect their creativity, at reasonable cost. Access to a broad range of decorative hardwood—and the information needed to quickly understand all possibilities (and limitations) of each type of material—is critical to your success.

Our hardwood lumber, natural and technical veneers, including 3D-veneer, and the ability to customize products, give you the most options in the industry. The well-trained Danzer team is standing by with answers to your general or project-related questions, including those about species characteristics, availability, where and how to buy, technical and application aspects and samples.


Solutions for Designers & Architects – Customized Designs

Solutions for Customized Designs

Danzer provides designers and architects a vast amount of information on hardwood and its uses, including sales literature, product data sheets, and standard sample binders. Once a project becomes specific, Danzer provides custom samples and selection guidance according to your requirements. Danzer’s custom solutions department supplies prototypes and short runs of final products to support development and pre-marketing, shortening the production cycle and increasing likelihood of success.

Solutions for Designers & Architects – Effective Realization

Solutions for Designers & Architects – Effective Realization

Solutions for Effective Realization

The expertise Danzer brings to the design phase for a new product or project includes anticipation of how to produce the desired result practically and cost-effectively. Danzer provides comprehensive technical support; and links designers and architects to a network of manufacturers and/or brands. For the selection of raw materials, Danzer experts factor in technical characteristics as well as cost and the degree of consistent availability. Suggestions as to how to modify designs to ensure they can be produced efficiently help achieve target cost and favorable outcomes.