A Long-Term Approach

Danzer transforms hardwood trees into primary hardwood products for decorative applications. Our company also owns and manages forests for long-term value and has the patience to make decisions accordingly. We invest in building trusting and lasting relationships with our customers: relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Danzer believes that the use of wood from sustainable sources is the perfect answer to many of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Its unique mix of properties make wood the most modern and responsible material on the planet offering many benefits: positive carbon contribution, low energy and water use in conversion, versatile application, renewable resource, natural beauty and many others. All of our business decisions are geared towards the best use of the precious hardwood resource and the sustainable success of all stakeholders involved.


Our strategy has two thrusts

1. Maximize the Use of Hardwood and Minimize Waste

Danzer strives to improve the value creation from hardwood trees in a way that more and better products are created from the same tree while being as customer specific as possible. This allows Danzer to reduce the amount of waste that is created in the value chain (actually wood has no waste – all wood byproduct can be used somehow, at least as fuel – here we use the word waste to refer to wood that does not end up in a finished decorative hardwood product). Resource efficiency and material upgrading are key drivers behind this thinking.

2. Make Hardwood More Enviable and Desirable

At the same time, we promote the benefits of using hardwood and develop solutions that allow substituting products with lesser environmental credentials with superior wood-based products. Inventing new processes and new products as well as effective communication are major drivers to this end.