Furniture Shows 2018 so far – No News Is Wood News

Furniture Shows 2018 so far – No News Is Wood News

For people in the European furniture industry a new year always begins like this: The last late New Year's Eve rockets have just burned down, the resolutions are still fresh - the bags are packed and off we go to Cologne, to the IMM (Internationale Möbelmesse) and then, usually without taking a breath, straight on to Paris for the Salon Maison et Objet.

Thomas Wenk web
My colleague Thomas Wenk is visibly happy with this 3D-Veneer chair's seating comfort.

Every year, people throw themselves enthusiastically into the colorful crowd, visit novelties, look for trends, meet many familiar faces and new contacts alike. Every year, it seems like a big, loud class reunion, combined with a half marathon through the many halls and every year another resolution: Eating healthy food at next year's exhibition.
For Danzer, the impressions gained at both fairs were very positive in two respects.

3D-Veneer for Everyone!
The first good news: Our baby ‘Danzer 3D-Veneer’ has grown really big! It has long ceased to be an exotic material that only a few brave manufacturers experimented with.

Meanwhile, 3D-Veneer has arrived at numerous furniture brands, has been proven and established. It is striking that it is used by very differently positioned manufacturers. The possibilities offered by 3D-Veneer BASIC in material costing make the third dimension attractive not only for premium brands.
We are proud of the many beautiful designs that are only made possible with Danzer 3D-Veneer.

MaterDesignCopenhagen web
Mater Design Copenhagen used our 3D-Veneer (at the far right of the picture) in their presentation of innovative materials they are working with.

Reason Can Be so Beautiful!
A second impression, which moved through both fairs: There is not much new here. At least not at first sight. On closer inspection, we discovered some appealing, yet quiet, unobtrusive designs.

Both fairs were characterized by a concept of design that does not emphasize the loud, the shrill, the conspicuous. Rather, the designers and manufacturers are focusing on lasting designs. Furniture as consistent, analogue counterparts to a virtual, insecure world.

Is that despondency? Nobody dares to score with provocation and eccentric design? I think the opposite is true. Despondency should be attested to the recent years, which were characterized by vintage designs and 50s / 60s replica. That was partly nice, but actually quite unimaginative. “You glorify the past when the future dries up” – that’s what U2 sang in the 80s.

That seems to be over now, at least in furniture design. The furniture of tomorrow is not the revived designs of bygone days, not even striking attention magnets with star potential. The furniture of tomorrow are friendly roommates who are made to stay: designs without expiration date, something reasonable perhaps, but alive and never boring. Perfectly handcrafted from high-quality, ecological material - and that is fantastic news for hardwood and thus for Danzer!
We can look forward to the news from the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair!

HOUE web
Timeless design by HOUE

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