Eckart Schmitt

Eckart Schmitt

Eckart Schmitt

CEO Danzer Specialty Division

Eckart Schmitt works on developing, producing and marketing technical veneers for Danzer. He focuses his organization's sales and marketing efforts on architects, designers and product developers who want to realize projects with wood that perform technically and commercially. He has worked in architectural sales for other building products before. Today, he also represents the marketing function at the Danzer Corporate level and believes in the old marketing adage: Give your very best and talk about it. He lives with his family close to Lake Constance.

Old school work at Danzer

What happens, when computers are uncooperative, software stops working, the Internet connection is slow or - as is currently the case at Danzer - no IT system is working at all?

Where ideas grow

From the end of April to the mid of May, Danzer had the pleasure of being represented at a "slightly different" show: The State Garden Show in Würzburg, Germany.

Do You Know Pecha Kucha?

You might have done this already a hundred times. But - shame on me - until a few weeks ago, I haven’t even heard of the concept of Pecha Kucha. I know Poetry Slams and Science Slams. I am aware of Prezi and TED Talks. I am an experienced presenter. But I have to admit that it wasn’t until last week that I delivered my first presentation Pecha Kucha style ... it worked extremely well.

An Unusual Project – Danzer’s First Music Video

How do you get five excellent, classically trained musicians to play their instruments to the rhythm of machines that produce high-quality hardwood? How do you make sure their fine instruments can be heard at all, when playing alongside rather loud machines? – And why would anybody worry about any of this?

The Value of Trust

Last month, I disappointed a customer; but I still believe I built long-term trust.

More Choices

Danzer Linea and Vinterio are now available as wallcovering from Wolf-Gordon.

That Makes Us Smile

Hardwood is a fantastic material: it’s environmentally friendly, decorative and long-lasting, to name just a few of its advantages. We welcome every initiative that helps to spread the message – like these: