More Choices

More Choices

In the past, extensive millwork was required to bring decorative wood into interior spaces. Veneer had to be laid up, pressed on panels and later installed on site. In some cases, the cost involved resulted in forgoing wood altogether, even though it would have been the preferred design.

Wood wallcovering is a relatively new way to use the material in interior architecture. It saves much of the traditional millwork, since the wallcovering – a cloth-backed, lacquered veneer – can be applied directly to the wall. It results in the same visual and tactile surface qualities as using a panel, at a significantly lower cost. Wood wallcovering can be custom made from almost any veneer – or be selected from a standard range.

Wolf Gordon, an American design company that provides distinct products to contract interiors, has just added wood wallcoverings with Danzer Linea and Vinterio to their range of products. For their BildenWoodTM series, they have selected some of our most decorative species, including Vinterio Walnut and Danzer Linea Smoked Larch.

I share the belief with Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, who said “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two-and only two-basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”

Wolf-Gordon is outstanding in both respects. The new BildenWoodTM series is not only an exciting, innovative product, but Wolf-Gordon’s marketing team provides customers exceptional value, with the ease of specification, product information and professional advice, samples and visually appealing images. This will help large and small customers choose a wooden surface in their interior spaces efficiently and with confidence.

I believe these new wallcovering products are going to be well received and am looking forward to seeing customers pair them with Danzer materials.

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Eckart Schmitt

CEO Danzer Specialty Division

Eckart Schmitt works on developing, producing and marketing technical veneers for Danzer. He focuses his organization's sales and marketing efforts on architects, designers and product developers who want to realize projects with wood that perform technically and commercially. He has worked in architectural sales for other building products before. Today, he also represents the marketing function at the Danzer Corporate level and believes in the old marketing adage: Give your very best and talk about it. He lives with his family close to Lake Constance.