Understated elegance combined with traditional charm

Understated elegance combined with traditional charm

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski in Munich celebrates its 160th anniversary this year. Our congratulations go out to this grande dame of luxury hotels on reaching this truly historic milestone!
To mark the occasion the hotel decided to treat itself to a facelift – and it is hard to imagine a better outcome.

Successful balancing act
Two renowned design studios (Pierre Court Design and FG Stijl) were involved in the project and created a captivating blend of opposites: major statements meet small details, traditional grand hotel charm sits effortlessly alongside pared-down contemporary design. Munich tradition takes its place at the table alongside the diversity of the globetrotter, in a stimulating, yet at the same time balanced, ensemble.
At various points, the designers made powerful use of large and small statements from the city of Munich. The hallway carpets conjure up associations with the bed of the Isar river, while a number of walls feature large-scale historic images of the city.

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munchen web

Modesty is a flourish
These highlights work so well because other design elements take a back seat and let them do the talking. Light, warm colours and quality natural materials create a contemporary, grounded cosiness. And it is here that our Linea veneer – covering some 14,000m² in this particular project – comes into its own.
Take a look at the pictures and that refreshing floral parquet. Perfectly touched off by calm, unobtrusive oak on the vertical plane: the hallmarks of Linea.

Deluxe Junior Suite Livingroom web


Strength comes from inner peace
Linea veneers emanate a relaxing atmosphere in these spaces. And the relaxing effect of working with the material during the process is no less important. Linea is a popular material every step of the way, from selection and pattern design to procurement and processing. Popular thanks to its straightforwardness and complete freedom from unpleasant surprises. Popular because it is always in stock, available and can be added to retroactively. And then there is its intrinsic reliability and consistency of quality and format.

It is what it is: the wood for every season.
Sometimes I hear people say: “Linea is a bit boring, though.” And I say: “Yes, thankfully!” Thankfully there is a natural material that allows other design elements to live up to their full potential, due to its consistent aesthetics and calm, laminar presence. As shown to excellent effect at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten.

Here’s to another successful and eventful 160 years!

Pictures: Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski München

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